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Andy Reid of Chefs on the Bills, Travis Kelce and Chocolate Cake

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid met the media during a Zoom conference call on Mondayless than 24 hours after the team’s 42-21 Wild Card victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

(Listen to the full presser above or by clicking here.)

During the press conference, Reid provided injury updates on running backs Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Darrel Williams and cornerback Rashad Fenton (more about it here).

Reid also answered questions, which we’ve rounded up into four takeaways:

Reid discussed some of the chefs trick different games – the ones that worked and the one that didn’t.

Some very creative offensive calls paid off for the Chiefs on Sunday night, including a touchdown pass from tight end Travis Kelce to wide receiver Byron Pringle and a touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to lineman Nick Allegretti.

But don’t call them trick Where gadget rooms. They are designed for specific teams.

“I guess it’s double,” Reid began. “Other teams have to prepare for that, but we do that on an individual basis for that team in a lot of cases. That pass that Kelce threw was individual for that group, so we’re trying to find clashes or whatever we think being able to take advantage for lack of better conditions and working on it and trying to play for it, so we trust our guys to do that, so they get a certain number of reps. [Eric Bieniemy] does a good job with it all.

Like everyone else, Reid enjoyed Allegretti’s big man touchdown.

“On Fridays we do ‘pat and go’ and the linemen do their own little ‘pat and go’ kind of a break from hitting the sled, I guess,” he said. “So you have an idea of ​​who can catch and who can’t, so if you have a bit of skill there, we’ll try to work with you. Allegretti, he’s got big hands, for a wrestler, he’s got great hands. He did a good job.

A unique look that does not have the job was a direct hit to wide receiver Mecole Hardman, who handed it to running back Darrel Williams, who fumbled. The game led to a scoop-and-score from TJ Watt. But Reid showed little regret on the call.

“Mecole did it,” he said. “He did everything in college, in high school, he was a quarterback, and so we worked him in there, we rehearsed the thing – it just didn’t work. Maybe it’s- to be because Darrel wasn’t training much, so I’m going to take that one in. We trust Mecole for that and we’ve been working on this stuff for several weeks.

Reid complimented Kelce on all he can do for his offense.

The tight end led the team with five catches for 108 yards and a touchdown. On Sunday night, he became the second tight end in NFL history to throw a passing touchdown in a playoff game (Trey Burton, Super Bowl LII).

“He has the ability to play tight, block people and release them from there, and also move them a little bit further,” Reid said, praising Kelce. “Whether it’s an intermediate spread or a wide spread, you feel comfortable doing it. Then he has a great sense of space and how to work in space to open up, and again it helps that the quarterback likes him. So they work well together on that, trust each other.

Reid turned his attention to the next opponent, the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills arrived at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 5, beating the Chiefs 38-20. Sunday night’s match will be a rematch – and last year’s AFC title game.

“They attacked us,” Reid said of the tough Week 5 loss. “We know it’s a big challenge and they’re a great team. So we’re going to go through the process of getting ready to play. We’ll take it day by day, and as coaches we’ll try to get the players to work with good things, and I know the players and their attitude, they love that part, and they’ll work hard to improve for that we can have a good match.

When asked about the Super Bowl, Reid compared it to one of his favorite foods.

How does a Super Bowl make him feel going?

“If you like chocolate cake and you eat a piece of it, and you have one hanging in front of your face, you probably want to eat that too,” smiles Reid. “Little is going to stop you, so that’s how you feel about the Super Bowl. It’s chocolate cake with the ultimate frosting, and you’re going to try and get it if you can, as best you can. .

The Chiefs are three wins away from chocolate cake.

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