Chocolate cake

Andy Reid compares Super Bowl to chocolate cake, NFL playoffs have now officially started | This is the loop

There is exactly one thing on earth that Andy Reid loves more than football. This thing is food, and it’s not afraid to let you know it, comparing grill to grill at every available opportunity. Sometimes it’s Chinese food, sometimes it’s steak, but most of the time it’s cheeseburgers. Lots and lots of cheeseburgers. On Monday, however, Reid decided to switch things up for the Super Bowl LVI push, comparing The Big Game not to juicy beef patties covered in melted cheese and wedged between a pair of voluptuous buns, but a chocolate cake. . Football guzzlers, the NFL playoffs have now officially begun.

“The ultimate chocolate cake.” If there’s ever been a better description of the Super Bowl, we haven’t heard it.

Now Andy Reid has no reason to quit football. He’s got a life sentence if we’ve ever seen one and got an indefinite term in Kansas City if he wants. If he were to ever hang up his headphones, though, he’d be an absolute killer on the Food Network. Just Think, a late-night food talk show co-hosted by Guy Fieri and Andy Reid, who both sit sipping Micheladas, talking brisket and breaking tusks. It’s a million dollar idea. Please don’t steal it.

As for the Chiefs’ chances of cutting the proverbial cake in the playoffs? Well, let’s put it this way: If you thought a starving Chiefs team was scary, wait until you see them with a sweet tooth.

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