Chocolate cake

A simple combination of coffee and chocolate cake

Do you like unconventional baking recipes? Do you love coffee and want everything to look like coffee? Mocha cake is a rich and light recipe, perfect for tea time, important events and even birthdays. Mocha usually refers to a combination of chocolate and coffee that is often found in a hot drink from your favorite cafe and sometimes also comes in a milkshake. So why wouldn’t you want those flavors in a cake, right?

Suggestions for mocha cakes

Often when making chocolate desserts, a little bit of coffee can enhance the flavor of the chocolate. In our Mocha Pie or Cake, we’ve made them similar to showcase both flavors for the best experience. The frosting is super light and rich with the mocha. You can also sprinkle cocoa on top while garnishing with nuts and/or dark chocolate shavings. Enjoy a slice with your favorite cup of tea or coffee with friends.

Coffee and chocolate often combine to create great flavors. Try our mocha cake with a hot cup of coffee or tea with great people.

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