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8 artisan chocolate brands you should have on your radar

There has never been a shortage of luxury chocolate, brands that make a truly decadent bar that literally pops the world in technicolor with a perfectly created bite. But over time, the country’s discerning chocolate collective has changed, or rather evolved, to care for a purer, unadulterated chocolate that truly lets the cocoa shine to the core. These bean-to-the-bar brands don’t just put products front and center, they know how to make chocolate that makes an impact on the earth and the people who come together to make it – the most positive kind of impact. ..

1. Pascati

Self-taught chocolatier Devansh Ashar developed his obsession – and study – of making chocolate into a large-scale brand by first experimenting with a blender at home, then building it and retailing it. The bars are made with fermented dried cocoa beans sourced from farms in Kerala – our favorite is 81% Dark Idukki.

2. Colocal

Spinning its chocolate from a mini Wonka-esque factory into Delhi hipster favorite Dhan Mill Compound, this brand’s hand-roasted cocoa bars are extremely authentic. The sustainable, zero waste brand is on our radar both for its meticulous production as well as for the right amount of sweet chocolate.

3. Mason & Cie

With cocoa sourced directly from farmers in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, this bar bean brand offers luxury chocolate that has the advantage of being organic, vegan and artisanal. Aficionados should look to this range – you’ll find a cornucopia of bars, spreads, butters and powders in the mix.

4. All things

One of the artisan chocolate GOs in the country, All Things may have appeared before most of the brands on this list, but it certainly hasn’t lost its mojo. The range of this brand of artisanal chocolate is fantastic – think vegan, single origin, blacks, whites, all shebang. It’s also one of the few brands to make baking chocolate – and also exciting limited editions from time to time.

5. Naviluna

Bean-to-bar made in Mysore, the big sale of Naviluna is its creation and its production centered on the soil; which in turn leads to a beautiful hand-tempered chocolate. That its unroasted and cold processed only adds to its nutritional value. Our favorite is the Tokai 72% Pineapple Coffee Chocolate Bar.

6. Soklet

Claiming to be India’s very first ‘tree to bar’ chocolate maker, this brand with a lovable name derives its cocoa beans from their own plantations, increasing the level of control over product quality. You will find a range of dark and milk chocolate, flavored and limited bars, drinkable chocolate and chocolate spreads.

7. Paul and Mike

The Kerala-based company has a mission for their chocolate that makes you feel like a benefactor by biting into a bar – they intend that every Paul & Mike bar eaten will help remove CO2 from the environment. ‘by 2023, making it a “carbon positive” product. That being said, their bars are also delicious – the Fine Milk Alphonso and the Dak Milk Lavender in particular.

8. Kokoatrait

Vegan, sustainable and also luxurious, this brand is for anyone who needs their dessert to be especially conscious. We love the simple yet quirky packaging and range of flavors (think lemongrass and cinnamon coconut milk) and the range of non-chocolate cocoa, like chips, powders and even beans.


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