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5 best chocolate brands in the world

We all have sweet cravings – there’s nothing wrong with that. But when you’re not in the mood to be a health icon grabbing a piece of fruit, the second best thing to do is chocolate (or at least that’s how I see it)! And, if you’re a chocolate lover like me, you won’t settle for just any old chocolate. You need the perfect chocolate, one that is balanced, rich and delicious. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of the top five chocolate brands in the world for you. I didn’t find most of them before I left the US, but I wish I had! Keep reading to see if your favorite chocolate makes the list.

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1. Leonidas. You know what they say: Belgian chocolate is one of the best in the world! And whoever says that, they’re absolutely right. Hardly any chocolate in the world compares to that produced in Belgium, so it’s no surprise that the Belgian brand Leonidas is the first one I need to talk about. As someone currently based in the Netherlands, I am fortunate to have access to many Belgian chocolate brands nearby. I especially like that Leonidas has many conveniently located stores where I can choose my favorite pralines and bars. I love trying new brands of chocolate and supporting small businesses, but what I love about Leonidas is that I can always count on them to deliver delicious, high quality chocolate at a reasonable price.

2. Verkade. I usually don’t like typical store brand chocolate too much, as it tends to be far from good. But I was desperate for chocolate one day, and decided to give a Verkade dark chocolate bar one shot. Now, every time I find myself at the grocery store, I have to resist the urge to grab one because I know I’ll finish eating it in less than 10 minutes as soon as I get home. Verkade is affordable and delicious chocolate made in the Netherlands, and if you ever find yourself in this lovely country, you need to get yourself a bar of Verkade as soon as you step off the plane.

3. The Chocolate Line. This Belgian brand is by far my favorite in the world. I discovered them during a trip to Antwerp, and I swear they changed the way I experience chocolate. Not only do they have amazing chocolate bars, but also some really delicious and unique chocolate pralines. The Chocolate Line offers flavor combinations that I have never seen anywhere else! Also, if you visit one of their stores in Belgium, you can see the process of making their chocolate. Super cool thing to add to your travel bucket list.

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4. Reber. If it wasn’t for my dad who loves marzipan, I probably never would have known. Reber. This German chocolate brand makes all kinds of delicious treats, but my family favorite is the Reber Mozart Kugeln. It is a ball of marzipan filled with a unique ganache and coated with a thin layer of bittersweet dark chocolate. If you’re looking to change up your chocolate routine and try something new, order yourself some Reber Mozart Kugeln today. And keep an eye out for Reber Holiday Advent Calendars, which are a fun and delicious gift for yourself or a loved one!

5. Lindt. Last but not least, I want to talk about Lindt. You’ve probably seen Lindt chocolate in the aisles of your local grocery store and you’ve probably noticed that their chocolate isn’t hard to find. But, just like with Verkade, ease of accessibility doesn’t mean lack of quality. Lindt chocolate is one of my favorites, not only because of the perfect balance of flavors in each chocolate bar and candy, but also because of the exciting new flavors they come out with regularly. And, it’s worth mentioning that even if you’ve seen Lindt in store, you definitely haven’t seen all the types of chocolate they offer! Get the full Lindt experience today by visiting their US website.

There you have it: the top five chocolate brands in the world, shared by one chocolate lover. Have you heard of a new brand of chocolate that you can’t wait to try? Or do you think I missed your favorite? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

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