Chocolate cake

Food: A guy made a chocolate cake on the dashboard of his car | 94.5 The buzz

A guy made a chocolate cake on the dashboard of his car A guy in Arizona baked a chocolate cake on the dashboard of his car last month. He prepared the dough in a cake pan inside the house. . . then left in the car for two hours, with the interior temperature reaching over […]

Chocolate cake

Chocoholics, try this homemade 4 layer chocolate cake with hazelnut crisp

Moist chocolate cake, hazelnut crisp, whipped cream and silky chocolate ganache – need we say more? MANILA, Philippines – Sokola Cakes, a small family business known for its chocolate cakes, is back with a new dessert on the menu – the Praline Crunch Cake – and chocolate addicts can’t miss it! Released in June, the […]

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Cocoa industry entrepreneurs urged to step up promotion of local chocolate brands

KOTA KINABALU (June 22): The government has urged Malaysian cocoa entrepreneurs to step up their activities to promote the brand of their chocolate products in the local community. Deputy Minister for Industries and Plantation Products, Datuk Willie Mongin, said while there are many premium and quality chocolates produced by Malaysian cocoa entrepreneurs, there are still […]

Chocolate cake

Double layer chocolate cake with apricots and Amaretto: a Honey & Co recipe

According to some accounts, the Sachertorte was invented in 1832 by an apprentice cook called Sacher, for the benefit of Prince Metternich. It quickly achieved cult status and its preparation has become a closely guarded secret. Yet, the most interesting thing about this cake is that it is generally disappointing. What appears on the plate […]

Chocolate cake

Brent Smith Interview: Iron Maiden, chocolate cake and being terrified on stage

It takes more than a pandemic to stop Shinedown. When studio time became problematic, they built their own. Located on the property of bassist/producer/mixer Eric Bass on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Big Animal Studios spawned the band’s seventh album, Planet Zero. A ferocious marriage of raw, heavy chops and dystopian atmosphere (resulting in large part […]

Chocolate cake

Caker’s Dark Chocolate Matcha Cake Recipe

Saye Wuo This indulgent layer cake is packed with antioxidants, so get started! The idea for this recipe was inspired by the one I saw on the cover of Bon Appetit magazine. I was struck by the beauty of the bright green matcha sifted over a silky dark chocolate ganache. Matcha powder dissolves fairly quickly, […]

Chocolate cake

The cruelty of chocolate cake denied

Yes please, I said as the plate of chocolate cake, covered in shiny frosting and encrusted with toasted pecans and almond chips, was passed by a man in a butcher’s apron. blue and white. The slices were thin but tall, the layers separated by an oozing cream filling loaded with chunks of orange zest. Citrus […]