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The best local chocolate brands for an artisan touch this Valentine’s Day

Now that we are done with the Christmas lights and New Year decor, you will probably find that you are bombarded with fake firecrackers and Chinese New Year couplets. Still, flashing red neon signs shouldn’t distract you from yet another cause for celebration in February. It’s true, Valentine’s Day is approaching. The Beatles might have […]

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Godiva chocolate store in Briarwood shopping center in Ann Arbor closes

ANN ARBOR, MI – Briarwood Mall loses another store. Home and kitchen retailer Williams-Sonoma closed this month, and clothier H&M is scheduled to close on February 13. The next stop is Godiva. Closure of Williams-Sonoma store at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor H&M closes store in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor The luxury chocolatier has […]

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Satisfy your sweet tooth on National Chocolate Cake Day – Pasadena Weekendr

Wednesday January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day, and to celebrate we’ve found some of the best local places to satisfy your sweet tooth. These restaurants could use the business more than ever right now, so buying them a slice of chocolate cake is the least we can do to help. Lark Cake Shop, 1355 […]

Chocolate brands

The 12 best vegan hot chocolate brands

Hot Cocoa Instant Vegan Blend delivers a rich, dairy-free chocolate flavor. The secret ingredient is coconut cream, a vegan, gluten-free and soy-free alternative that tastes like the real deal! Try this brand’s traditional drinking chocolate with just three ingredients: organic sugar, organic cocoa powder and a pinch of sea salt. The individual pouches are convenient […]

Chocolate brands

Chocolate brands launch new products to meet consumer needs for Valentine’s Day gifts

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a box of chocolates. Known as an aphrodisiac since Aztec times, the gift of chocolate has been linked to expressions of love and affection for hundreds of years. In addition to its romantic associations, chocolate has long been known to help induce feelings of calm, contentment and to act as […]

Chocolate cake

Gourmet of the Lakes Region – Flourless Chocolate Cake | Lake style

Editor’s Note: Barbara Lauterbach is taking a temporary leave of absence from the Lake District Foodies section. While he was away, the chronicle fell into the hands of Jim Dodge, a chef currently working in California but with strong roots in the Lake District. Dodge’s parents were the second owners of the inn in Steele […]

Chocolate cake

Portillo Rolls Out Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake for Valentine’s Day to Benefit Charity | Northwest Indiana Business Titles

Portillo’s bakes a heart-shaped chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day with a portion of all sales going to No Kid Hungry. Provided Many people love Portillo’s famous iconic chocolate cake, and now they will be able to express their love with it as well. The fast, casual chain specializing in Chicago cuisine like hot dogs and […]