Chocolate brands

8 artisanal chocolate brands you should have on your radar

Claiming to be India’s first-ever ‘tree-to-bar’ chocolatiers, this adorable-named brand sources its cocoa beans from its own plantations, increasing the level of control over the quality of the product. You will find a range of dark and milk chocolate, flavored and limited edition bars, drinking chocolate and chocolate spreads. 7. Paul and Mike Instagram content […]

Chocolate cake

Hot chocolate cake with a drizzle of ganache

Hot chocolate cake with a drizzle of ganache Recipe epicurean For the cake: 485 grams of granulated sugar 140 grams of unsalted butter, room temperature 145 grams of sour cream 2 large eggs 3 egg whites 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 2 tablespoons of instant coffee powder 2 tablespoons of hot water 215 grams of […]

Chocolate store

Läderach opens flagship chocolate factory on 5th Avenue in New York

Läderach, the largest Swiss chocolate retailer in the industry, has opened the world’s largest flagship store in New York City on 5th Avenue. With nearly 60 years of activity as a Swiss family business, Läderach’s retail and e-commerce expansion builds on its entry into London, Toronto and its other outlet in New York, opened in […]