Chocolate cake

A Rolo chocolate cake is sold to Tesco

It’s the very start of the work week, and we’re already talking about chocolate cake. How? ‘Or’ What Delight from U.S… Last week we were all on Bailey’s new Marble Chocolate Cake (drinks, cakes and chocolate together will always be winners with us). And now the chocolate cake that has caught our gourmet attention is […]

Chocolate brands

Five local chocolate brands to enter the international market by 2025 | Money

KUALA LUMPUR, September 8 – Five brands of local chocolate products will potentially enter the international market by the end of 2025, when Langkawi in Kedah becomes a national chocolate hub. Plantation Industries and Commodities Deputy Minister II Willie Mongin said the five brands are Ryverra Chocolate, Grandeur Chocolate, Malsa, D&J Chocolate and Hazleen Chocolate, […]