Chocolate cake

Toblerone chocolate cake will be your new favorite dessert

I remember when I was little and got the nod from my parents to pick something from the store’s candy aisle, there was something about a Toblerone candy bar that got me going. makes me feel so fancy. Maybe that’s part of why the news that Toblerone is baking a chocolate cake that you can […]

Chocolate cake

NBC’s Peacock Has a Chocolate Cake Recipe in its Terms of Service

You might want Actually read the company’s terms and conditions after reading this: NBCUniversal Peacock’s new streaming service was discontinued this week and hidden in its Terms of use is a “Very Delicious Peacock Approved Chocolate Cake Recipe Like Grandma’s”. To find the recipe, you have to scroll halfway the document in the ninth section […]

Chocolate cake

Hershey’s Chocolate Cake is easy to make and delicious

I was on video chatting with friends the first time I made this chocolate cake recipe. During the conversation, a friend was showing a plethora of chocolate chip cookies and brownies ready for his snacking pleasure. That’s all it took to trigger my sweet tooth, so I started tossing what I thought were a batch […]

Chocolate cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe That Is Fondant And Delicious

Intel direct from our handpicked healthcare team of bestselling authors, entrepreneurs and sane celebrities who are leading and disrupting the wellness scene. If you are a chocolate lover, there are few desserts better than chocolate cake. The soft fondant cake, the rich chocolate frosting … heaven on a plate. However, classic cakes are made with […]

Chocolate brands

International Chocolate Day 2020: 10 “Made in India” chocolate brands that changed the way we think about candy

Chocolate is that source of comfort that no other can match. Cheerful? Gloomy? Angry? Celebration? We are looking for chocolates whatever the mood! On this World Chocolate Day, we are celebrating 11 major “Make In India” chocolate brands that have changed the game. With unique flavors and approach to chocolate making, these brands are a […]