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19 Delicious Irish-Made Chocolate Brands You Should Know About


The country takes on Willy Wonka-scale proportions at this point, with the number of incredible chocolate brands available.

Some are stocked in well-known supermarkets, others can be found at independent grocers across the country, yet more of them can simply be found online. We’ve put together a list of some of the best artisan chocolate brands available in Ireland:

19. Sugar Loaf Dublin

The Brazilian bakery on Dorset Street in Dublin has launched a range of drool-worthy creations lately. Accustomed to using unusual flavors, the team at Sugar Loaf loaded their eggs and chocolates with everything from pineapple creme to strawberries.

You can find Sugar Loaf Dublin at 80 Dorset Street Lower in Dublin 1, for more information visit their instagram.

18. Noo Chocolates

Drawing on ingredients from their region, the team at Noo Chocolates in Ballina have created truly artisan chocolates. Started by Mary and Damien Corrigan in 2017, the name of the family business comes from Mary’s childhood nickname.

You can find Noo chocolates at Mayo’s Ballina, for more information visit the website.

17. Nobo

Known for their exceptional plant-based creations, the team at Nobó keeps their products simple with few ingredients and minimal processing. Found in a range of grocery stores and independent shops, Nobó offers a wide variety of products, but is perhaps best known for its ice cream and chocolate bars.

You can find Nobó at 47 Dunville Avenue in Dublin 6, for more information visit the website.

16. Magical Mayan Artisan Chocolate

Founded in 2012, the company keeps things pretty simple with its chocolates, selling bars, hot chocolate, and a limited amount of fancy chocolate. They produce from bean to bar, using 100% organic products, and the products are also gluten-free and vegan.

You can find Magic Mayan Artisan Chocolate at Ennis’ Ayle House Gaurus, for more information visit the website.

15. Lily O’Briens

Lily O’Brien’s is known for its luxurious boxes of chocolates, which always contain a pleasant and refreshing mix of chocolates. The company is one of Ireland’s leading chocolate makers, making everything from advent calendars to biscuits.

You can find Lily O’Brien’s outlet store in the IDA business park in Newbridge, for more information visit the instagram.

14. Chocolate Butlers

No Irish chocolate list would be complete without a nod to the OGs. Butlers have dominated the chocolate scene for decades and for good reason. Founded in 1932, the company is dedicated to distributing its quality chocolates to the four corners of the globe.

For more information on Butlers Chocolates, visit website.

13. Bragadeiros

The first store in Ireland to specialize in brigadeiros, the team at Bragadeiros have been doing a roaring trade selling all sorts of Brazilian treats. The products are all handmade and based on owner Jana Braga’s family recipes.

You can find Bragadeiros at Mountjoy in Dublin, 1 Frenchman’s Lane, for more information visit the website.

12. Chez Emilie

Opened in 1996 by Ferdinand and Helena, Chez Emily is named after their only daughter Emily. The handmade chocolates are based on original family recipes drawn from Helena’s Belgian roots.

You can find Chez Emily in Dublin’s Coolquoy Common, for more information visit the website.

11. The Good Chocolate Company

Based in their Dublin facilities, the bean-to-bar chocolatiers sort, roast, crack and winnow the cocoa beans by hand, then refine, conch, age, temper, mold and package their chocolate. The team is known for creating bars in their micro lots, but also for collaborating with classy Irish companies like Lotts&Co, Imbibe and Rascals.

You can find The Proper Chocolate Company at Glasnevin’s Slaney Close, for more information visit the website.

10. Cocoa Workshop

In their “chocolate lab”, the team of chocolatiers handcraft Cocoa Atelier chocolate with a variety of different flavors, from yuzu to smoked sea salt. Specializing in beautifully hand-decorated chocolates, the team also makes hot chocolate, marshmallows and sweet snacks.

You can find Cocoa Atelier in Dublin’s Park West, for more information visit the website.

9. Skelligs Chocolate

There are many beautiful sights in Skelligs, one of them is the chocolate factory located on The Skelligs Ring. It is home to Ireland’s only fully ‘open’ chocolate production kitchen, which welcomes visitors to view the production process and allows them to have a few samples in the process.

You can find Skelligs Chocolate in St. Finians Bay, The Glen, Ballinskelligs, for more information visit the website.

8. Bean and Goose

The gift of a Bean and Goose chocolate bar is always a good idea. The team uses some really exciting and thoughtful flavor combinations in their bars and crafts them using the highest quality raw materials.

You can find Bean and Goose in Gorey’s Ballylowan Business Park, for more information visit the instagram.

7. Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Opened in 2014 on the Wild Atlantic Way, Hazel Mountain Chocolate is a bean-to-bar company with sustainability at its core. Sourcing cocoa beans from farmers and cooperatives in Madagascar, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba, the team manufactures an amazing range of products in small batches, from chocolate chicks to pasta spread.

You can find Hazel Mountain Chocolate at Clare’s Oughtama, Bellharbour for more information visit the website.

6. Koko Kinsale

The Koko team is very well known in the world of Irish chocolates. The Kinsale team take immense pride in their work, while having a bit of fun with their chocolate creations.

You can find Koko Kinsale at (yes you guessed it) Kinsale’s Sleveen on Pier Road, for more information visit the website.

5. Gra Chocolates

The name derives from the Irish for love, and these chocolates contain plenty of it. Made in small batches in Galway, these confections are hand-finished by award-winning pastry chef Gráinne Mullins.

You can find Grá Chocolates at Galway’s Ballygunneen, for more information on stockists visit website.

4. Lir Chocolates

Established in Dublin in 1987 by Connie Doody and Mary White, Lir Chocolates has become synonymous with quality and taste throughout Ireland. Specializing in hand finished and decorated chocolates based on a blend of traditional recipes and proven combinations.

You can find in Navan’s IDA business park, but for more information on their resellers, visit their website.

3. Áine artisanal chocolate

Founded by master chocolatier Ann Rudden in 1999, whose products have won 25 Great Taste Awards including 9 gold medals. Rudden sells its chocolates directly to customers from its shop in Cavan, and ships its products directly to customers in Ireland and around the world.

You can find Áine Hand Made Chocolate in Stradone, Cavan, for more information visit the website.

2. Chocolate Pralines

Athlone’s Praliné Chocolatiers team caused a stir online, with a video of their sweet and savory Easter egg making the Twitter community rumble.

You can find Praline Chocolates at 83 Sean Costello Street in Athlone, for more information visit their website.

1. Arcane Chocolate

Based in Kildare, Arcane’s eggs are hand painted and layered inside with your choice of toasted biscuit and caramel, fruit and yoghurt or pistachio and praline. Based on traditional Belgian craftsmanship, the team led by Erik Van der Veken combine Irish ingredients with raw cocoa, to create truly incredible creations.

You can find Arcane Chocolate in The K Lodge at Straffan’s K Club for more information visit their website.

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