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12 best boxed chocolates of 2021

Whether it’s a date treat or a daily treat for a coworker, there’s never a bad reason to give (or get) a decadent box of chocolate. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best boxes of candy, truffle, and cocoa goodness for all tastes because, let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with chocolate.

Collection of dark chocolate truffles, 16 pieces

Chef’s Selection, 24 Pieces

Kreuther artisanal chocolate

Think of this Gabriel Kreuther and Marc Aumont box set as a chef’s chocolate tasting menu: the selection changes according to the season, making each box a discovery of flavors like gingerbread, salted butter caramel. , peanut banana and French baguette.

Selection of chocolates, 14 pieces

A box from this acclaimed Parisian boutique is like a compact French vacation. Filled with milk and dark chocolate pralines and ganaches in some of their iconic flavors, this is a box that no Francophile could resist.

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Fruits that are both familiar and curious

Confectioner’s latest award-winning company Justine Pringle renews the box of classic fruit chocolates by infusing rich caramel with purees of fresh fruits like passion fruit, lime and graviola (aka soursop).

“Live by Love” chocolate truffle gift box, 15 pieces

You may not be able to gift a trip around the world, but you can gift the flavors of it in this set. Think: hibiscus-mint for Egypt, ginger, turmeric and black pepper inspired by Japan and India, and Irish-influenced whiskey and sea salt.

French assortment, 20 pieces

Manhattan’s oldest chocolatier, Li-Lac is the perfect choice for anyone who fancies a taste of classic NYC. The French assortment is one of their signature boxes, inspired by European chocolates from the 1920s, when the chocolatier was founded.

Swiss Luxury Selection boxed chocolate

For the chocolate lover who craves a bit of everything, this box from Lindt offers milk, dark and white chocolate delicacies that are sure to please.

Classic Ballotin Gold Chocolate, 19 Pieces

Belgian chocolate is famous for a reason, just like Godiva. We don’t know anyone who would be disappointed to get a classic gold box filled with the chocolatier’s signature flavors.

Valentine’s Day gift box

Enhance your date offerings with this set of chocolates designed by pastry chef Kriss Harvey and crafted by a second generation Beverly Hills chocolatier with flavors like pecan coffee, Madagascar black and hazelnut gianduja .

Saxon’s sincere collection

Some things are just prettier in pink, and chocolate is no exception. Show some love with this box filled with chocolate hearts, raspberry truffles and sea salt caramels.

Praline Truffles Chocolate Milk Sea Salt Caramel

With nearly 150 years of chocolate making experience, this British chocolatier’s famous truffles are always a good choice.

Assortment of chocolates for all occasions

If you’re looking for good old-fashioned taste, look no further than this northeast Texas candy store filled with old-school favorite handmade chocolates.

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