Chocolate brands

10 luxury chocolate brands you must try

Champagne truffles, pralines with caramelized and roasted hazelnuts and luxury intense dark chocolate.

Indulge in decadent delicacies and luxurious treats from some of the world’s best chocolatiers.

DESIblitz handpicks some of the best luxury brands to try.

1. Godiva

Fine Belgian chocolate begins and ends with Godiva.

Founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps, a master chocolatier, Godiva prides itself on elegant packaging and quality ingredients.

Whether you’re a fan of white, milk, or dark chocolate, you can get lost in an assortment of stunning chocolate coated truffles, sables, cookies, pretzels and strawberries.

Try their decadent 50 percent dark chocolate Squares, priced at £ 15.50. It’s a perfect blend of creamy sweetness and rich dark chocolate, with no bitter aftertaste.

2. Hotel Chocolat

10 luxury chocolates you must try

The Chocolat Hotel opened in 2004 in Watford. The British chocolatier has reinvented traditional chocolate products by selling them in their iconic giant sinuous plates.

The company even grows their own cocoa in St. Lucia, and their chocolate has less sugar and more cocoa than other chocolatiers, making it a healthier option!

Try their giant billionaire shortbread pancake (£ 16.00). It’s a luxurious blend of caramel and 50 percent milk chocolate, sprinkled with shortbread.

3. Status

10 luxury chocolates you must try

One of London’s oldest chocolate factories, Prestat in Piccadilly is a ‘chic’ treat paradise.

They are particularly known for their unusual combinations of chocolate and fruit, such as their Yuzu sake truffles.

It’s made with Fuji white chocolate mixed with citrus Yuzu and a touch of Japanese sake!

Try their Hand Dipped Chocolate Orange Slices (£ 14.00). Made from slices of crystallized orange fruit that have been hand dipped in fine dark chocolate made from West African cocoa.

4. Lindt & Sprugli

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Swiss chocolate maker Lindt has long been a family favorite, reserved for the best occasions.

Their Lindor Milk Truffles see perfectly round chocolate shells filled with an irresistibly smooth center that melts in your mouth.

A pure moment of bliss in every taste, their luxury collection sees a blend of pralines, white chocolate truffles and caramel and sea salt dar bars.

Try their Dark Chilli Chocolate Bar (£ 1.89) for an intense dark chocolate flavor with a kick.

5. Guylian

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Another Belgian favorite is Guylian, famous for its iconic chocolate seashells and seahorses. These are made from 100% pure cocoa butter and a hazelnut praline filling made from caramelized and roasted hazelnuts.

Their signature pralines promise “melting” benefits created by founder and master chocolatier Guy Foubert.

Try their Luxury Assorted Seahorse tasting box (£ 2.99) where you can sample dark praline, milk truffle, crunchy cookie and vanilla.

6. Artisan of Chocolate

10 luxury chocolates you must try

The London Chocolate Artisan was created by Irishman Gerard Coleman in 2000.

Their luxury chocolate bars range from 100% almond milk chocolate to black cardamom.

Their chocolate pearls are delicious. Made of smooth ganache and hazelnut praline iced with edible pearl gold and silver powder (£ 27.99).

7. Montezuma

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Founded in 2000 by former lawyers, Helen and Simon Pattison, Montezuma’s handmade luxury chocolates are pure pleasure on a plate.

The family’s chocolatiers are known for their innovative chocolate making and original packaging.

Try their Radical Bar Library (£ 13.49), which features a case of flavored chocolate bars, made with chilli and lime, orange and geranium and sea bass!

8. Betty

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate are famous for their Northern tearooms which exude elegance and sophistication.

Their specialty collections of luxury chocolate are nothing less than civilized perfection.

From mellow Florentines to liqueur truffles to Lady Betty peppermint creams.

Try their champagne truffles (£ 15.95), made with a rich chocolate ganache made from Moët & Chandon champagne, coated in Swiss milk chocolate and dusted with icing sugar and raspberry.

9. Pierre Marcolini House

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Pierre Marcolini is inspired by the “mixture of unexpected flavors” of different cultures around the world.

A self-proclaimed visionary, Pierre Bruxellois has reinvented the chocolate making process by selecting the cocoa beans he uses himself.

Try Pierre’s Bahia Brazil (£ 27.30), for a very high quality banana-based chocolate.

10. Fifth dimension

10 luxury chocolates you must try

Bringing a sensory experience to chocolate tasting, Fifth Dimension mixes flavor and texture.

Chocolatiers use unusual flavors from various parts of the world, such as soy caramel from Hong Kong and lemon chutney from Nadiad.

Try their Journey Box (£ 17.00), filled with 12 different exotic flavors.

With exotic aromas and creamy cocoa centers, these chocolate brands arouse sweet culinary pleasures.

Let your taste buds feast with these luxury chocolate delicacies.

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